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Why choose PawnMyCarSa?

When you decide to make the use of our services, you benefit from obtaining comprehensive advice. Not only do you benefit from our team of qualified professionals but also from our network of financial experts with vast experience in numerous facets including 20 years in the banking Industry.

- We concentrate on meeting the needs and interests of our clients and when implementing a solution for your temporary financial crisis a suitable solution will be advised for each individual’s unique situation

- Our mission is to provide quality guidance, build relationships of trust, and develop innovative solutions for our clients. We are perfectly positioned to meet your unique needs while striving to exceed your highest expectations.

- Our detailed knowledge of the industry means we are not interested in being “Just another lender “Our objective is to build close relationships with each and every individual that walks through our door in need of assistance. You won’t see us advertise on every billboard but will hear from friends, colleagues and acquaintances about our tailor made solutions for each and every person’s financial situation that we made happen for them.


Our process is quick, easy and transparent, as you’ll see when you read through the application steps below:


Meet with Consultants

When you come in and meet with us, one of our consultants will take you through the application form in detail, making sure that you understand exactly how we work and what is needed from both sides before both parties complete the necessary agreement forms.


Finalise Agreement

Within a couple of minutes of having finalised the agreement, you should receive your cash into your account