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  • To process your financial services referral request, we require your completed application form with supporting documents as explained on the application form and by our consultants.
  • This information is used by third parties and/or service providers in our network to provide accurate responses to your enquiries.
  • We provide this information to nominated service providers on your behalf, in order for them to provide a product or service to you. Unless otherwise notified by us, such nominated service providers do not have any right to use the personally identifiable information we provide to them beyond what is necessary for them to assist you.

  • We do not dispense financial advice. We operate an online referral service and we forward on all your requests and applications to qualified third parties with whom we have pre-arranged agreements. You will deal directly with these service providers.
  • There may be an administration fee payable, dependent on what service provider you receive your approval from, since we have set agreements in place with said service providers not to receive commission from them but from clients themselves. This varies from time to time. Please request this information from your consultant before applying.
  • Pawn My Car is not a Lender or Credit Provider.
  • Pawn My Car does not make cash advances or credit decisions.
  • When completing Pawn My Car’s application, it is not guaranteed that you will receive approval.
  • In certain circumstances, faxing and emailing of additional documents may be required.
  • For details, queries about payouts, etc., please contact pawncardrive directly.
  • Minimum and maximum period for repayment is 90 – 120 days
  • Maximum annual percentage rate is 60% per annum
  • Example of the total cost of the loan: 90 day loan: Capital: R10,000.00
  • Plus R1,500.00 interest = total repayment amount of R11,500.00